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how can I download phone image from CUCM CLI

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Dear all


I am trying to download the BG of the phones so I can add it to the new CUCM , what are the methods that allow me to do that  ?


I can see the image uploaded in the GUI put it doesn't appear in CLI

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The image only appears in the gui
When I use the CLI I cant see it In CUCM GUI It shows me that there are almost 900 file on tftp
But in CLI it show that there are almost 500 file and the image doesn't appear there

If you go into user preference on the phone, is the image offered for selection?  It's possible for phones to be displaying an image that was selected some time in the past, but is not currently present on CUCM.   Assuming that's not the case, can you be more specific about what you see from the CLI and from the GUI? 

Background images for different phone models are stored in different folders, depending on the screen size and colour depth, which in turn depends on the model and I don't think you've said what model(s) you're concerned with.  Are you looking in the correct folder?

In CUCM GUI tftp file management the directory for the image is as follow "Desktops/640x480x24"
In CLI on of the files that shows there are int directory "/"

that's why it didn't show up

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