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Version 12

Hi I am setting up collaboration version 12 in my lab. I have CUCM 12 and CUC 12 (seems now 2 different iso files) But till now I don't see IM&P version 12. Is this not released yet, or did something change?   Any idea?   Thanks   JH

j.huizinga by Frequent Contributor
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CME Dial-peer

we are supporting a setup in India where site in India configured with CME setup & there HQ is in Netherlands with 2 different PRI DID Range 31 641 9848 000 - 999 & 31 2204 9553 000 - 999 People in India regularly dial those HQ DID numbers from India...

Resolved! SRST call routing to PSTN

Hi, In a new deployment for one company of our group we have a publisher CUCM in the HQ, and multiple SRSTs for remote sites, and i'm wondering how routing occurs at the remote sites towards the PSTN,  let's say the WAN link is up between SRSTs and C...

TrickTrick by Participant
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CME and CUCM not communicating

Hi all, I have a cme and cucm that are connected via a ppoe link between offices. Both sides can ping each other but the calls are not being connected.what or where could be the issue? I have a debug of the attached call test attached. 209 is calling...

isaaco001 by Beginner
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PSTN Line Configuration

Hi,We have CUCM and voip gateway 2811. After changing service provider gateway , we are facing some caller id issues on outgoing calls. We have 10 extension like 6400, 6401, 6402 ------The PSTN line are 048831000, 048831101, 048831102 ,------------ I...

some extensions has problems

hello i have in Route Partition : TU_Employees_P and TU_Managers_P i always use TU_Employees_P when i try to call extension to another extension  . i have extension were using in Route Partition tu_employees i have changed to tu_managers ... and i ca...

Abood by Beginner
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