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How can I evenly split incoming calls between 2 employees without a shared voicemail?

I need to load balance a low volume of calls between 2 DNs.

Incoming calls need to be evenly split between Employee1 and Employee2.  If they don’t answer the call, it needs to go to their personal voicemail, not a common voicemail account.

I think the Hunt pilot and line group is what I want, and I can utilize a circular distribution, but my only hurdle is voicemail.  I can get voicemail to go to a single account, but I need a method to simply split incoming calls to 2 employees, and (if no answer), drop into their personal voicemail.

I cannot figure this out, any suggestions?


I’m running CUCM 9.02, Unity Connection 9.02, and UCCX v10 (I mention UCCX as a tool I could leverage, Employee1 and Employee2 are not agents or part of a call center)


Thanks for any assistance.

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Hi Jonathan,


One easiest suggestion comes to my mind is to add the Voicemail account for any one of the user as normal.


Then add the second user's Extension Number as an Alternate Extension in that voicemail box. This should make either user able to access the single voicemailbox without any issue.




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Thanks for the reply, but that's not what im asking. I don't want a single voice mail account, I want each to have their own.

for instance, if someone calls dn:111, I need it to go to employee1 50% of the time, and employee2 50% of the time. when they dont answer, it simply goes to their personal voice mail. Nothing shared.  how can I do this?




It should be then based on the Forward Hunt No Answer and Forward Hunt Busy settings on the Hunt Pilot.


Please let me know if Queuing is enabled or not?




Queuing is not enabled.  I have no desire to queue the calls.

In the Hunt Pilot settings:

When I chose “Do Not Forward Unanswered Calls”, calls drop after (what appears to be) the Line Group’s RNA Reversion Timeout  is met.  Never goes to voicemail.

The same when I select “Use Forward Settings of Line Group Member”.

If I select “Forward Unanswered Calls to” and manually select my VM pilot DN, missed calls finally go to Unity Connection, but not to any voicemail account.  If I add the Hunt Pilot number as an alternate extension to Employee1’s unity account, then all unanswered calls will drop into Employee1’s personal account, even the calls missed by Employee2.  This is not the desired solution.  I need Employee2 ‘s voicemail account to answer the calls missed by Employee2 as well as Employee1’s voicemail account to answer the calls missed by Employee1.

This brings me back to my original question.  Is there a way to get this to work with Hunt pilots and line groups, or should I be trying something else?  I just need calls to DN:111 split 50/50 between 2 DNs (DN for Employee1, and DN for Employee2), and have missed calls drop into the personal voicemail of the DN that missed the call.

I’m hoping someone who has gotten this to work can share their Hunt Pilot and Line Group settings.


Thanks again.



Apologies for a delayed response.


"The same when I select “Use Forward Settings of Line Group Member”.

Thats the one, that should do the trick.

So what is the configuration of the Line Group Memeber DNs?

If someone were to dial them directly, would they be able to leave them a voicemail?