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HOW does DID number works for SIP Trunks???

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Hi Folks,

I'm new to the Cisco CME; i've gotten the config up to the point where I can terminate calls to my CME via the DID number; and the IP phone rings and I can answer and get talk path.

My basic setup: i have two IP Phones setup on my CME: IP Phone1 ext1000; and IP Phone2 ext2000. I can call Phone1 from Phone2 and I can call Phone2 from Phone1; that works GREAT!!!


Here is what I don't understand: when calling my DID number that's assigned to my SIP Trunk for my CME, let say my DID number is 3132221234,

when I call that DID from my house phone, Phone1 always ring and I answer the call and get talkpath, GREAT.  But when I take a trace of the incoming call to my CME, I do not see the DID number listed???? This is the trace i take: DEBUG VOIP DIALPEER ALL. My house phone number is listed; not the DID number. Even the Phone1 ext 1000 is listed. So, what happen to the DID number in the trace?

Furthermore, from my house phone I dial my DID number (lets say 3132221234), and phone1 extension is 1000; so, by dialing my DID number makes Phone1(ext 1000) ring??? Where in the translation, by dialing DID number 3132221234 makes Phone1 ext 1000 rings?

I know when I created ephone1 and ephon2, a default dialpeer was created for ephone1 and ephone2;

Example: ephone ext 1000: dialpeer dest pattern 1000; and ephone2 ext 2000: dialpeer dest pattern 2000.

But I can not understand how dialing DID number(3132221234) to My CME makes Phone1 ext 1000 rings??


Thanks for any info....



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michael o'nan
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Level 4

try debug ccsip messages

Depending on your translation pattern and where it is applied determines your digit manipulation from 10 digit DID to extension.