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Hunt Group Overflow

Daryl Clark
Level 1
Level 1

Hello...we have a request from an internal department to provide a hunt pilot to ring a "longest idle" route list. After exhausting the line group, if the call is not answered, it should "broadcast" everyone in the original list. The final request is that the agents can sign in and out of the hunt group and they should be kicked out if they ring but do not answer (stepped away from desk, busy on other issues, etc...).

The problem we are running into is when they sign out of the hunt group, they do not ring when it goes into the overflow broadcast. Any ideas how to accomplish this?

Thank you


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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Daryl,

You may want to look into this setting. I'm not sure if it will accomplish what you are trying to do but it could be worth a try.;

Hunt Group Logoff Notification Service Parameter

The Hunt Group Logoff Notification service parameter in the Clusterwide Parameters (Device - Phone) section of the Service Parameters Configuration window for the Cisco CallManager service provides the option to turn audible ring tones on or off when calls that come in to a line group arrive at the phone and the current status of the phone is logoff. The default value specifies None, which causes the phone not to ring.

The audible ring on a phone that is logged out gets turned off by default. Cisco Unified Communications Manager provides a system parameter that can be set, so a different ring tone plays when a call comes in to a logged-off hunt group member.




Thanks, I'll look into it but it's not exactly what the department is looking for. Basically if all agents are exhausted it will broadcast to everyone regardless of whether they're logged in or not. However we don't want a logged off users phone to ring until the initial line group is exhausted and it gets to the overflow in the hunt list.