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HUNT pilot VM issue....

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Level 1

       HI Guys,

I have HUNT pilot configured on ccm 6.1  for group of users and VM setup on unity connection 2.1 .....hunt pilot number is 4720 and VM  is 4720 hunts fine but prob is when someone leave VM instead on Vm message apperaing on all memebner screen only one member gets noticifation ....any idea why its happening ...i have changed distribution to broadcast and and hunt option no answer to "try next memeber do no go to next group"....any more setting that needs tweaking ? Thanks guys

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Accepted Solutions

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Farooq,

OK where are we at here? I don't think we've addressed

the original "main" user complaint that they can't differentiate

when a message has been left for their number or the Hunt Pilot

Here's what I would do.

Our example creates a new line @ 2355 but it can be any random

unused number;

If possible, add a second "shared" line (2355) to all Line Group members phones

and then set the Hunt Pilot DN as an Alternate Extension on this new line so the

Red MWI Lamp would be lit on all member phones.

So, the he Hunt Pilot number is 4720 and the newly created second line DN's on the Line Group member phones is 2355.

Move the existing mailbox for 4720 to 2355 with 4720 as an Alternate Extension. When the call routes through to CUC via the Hunt Pilot No Answer CUC should see  the CLID of 4720 which will then be connected to the Mailbox on 2355.

Then tweak the Message Lamp Setting in CUCM for the second Line 2355 appearances;

For the second Line Setting on (each phone)-

Line Settings for this Device - Changes affect only this device

Message Waiting Lamp Policy - Light and Prompt

The RED Message Lamp will then work for these Second lines on each phone and

the users will be able to tell which line the message has been left for by seeing the

flashing envelope icon beside the related line button. The user will also be able to directly

access the Hunt Pilot messages via the new 2355 line button.



"go easy...step lightly...stay free " 

- The Clash

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