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Hi Paul,

Hi Paul,

I had the same issue once, I've found out that my CIPC had an issue interracting with my Jabra headset, once I disconnected the headset the CIPC booted normally.

I hope my comment will help you, Paul.



I understand that this is an

I understand that this is an old post, but as there are basically no other results for this black screen issue I figured I'd share what we just learned about this recently. Skip to the end for solution.

In our environment, the black screen was ultimately being caused by a permissions error, but one that was not readily apparent.  The traces were showing a number of access denied errors at the root of our profile store that looked something like this: \\\DfsRoot\users$\%FILE.EXT% (Access is denied)

Now, this made no sense to me.  Why is it trying to save files to the root of the profile share?  I started looking through ProcMon results and found similar errors.  I compared against the ProcMon results for a working user and think I've worked out what's happening.

Problematic User:
CreateFile  ||  \\\DfsRoot\Users$  ||  NAME NOT FOUND  ||  Disposition: Open

Working User:
CreateFile  ||  \\\DfsRoot\Users$  ||  SUCCESS  ||  Disposition: Open
QueryDirectory  ||  \\\DfsRoot\Users$\username  ||  SUCCESS

From this I gathered that the issue was being caused because communicator couldn't open the user share in order to check for the existence of the user's profile folder.  I suspect that it was then failing to append the path for the user's roaming app data to the root file path above.


Granted Creator Owner full access to subfolder and files at the root of the profile share.
Granted Everyone Read access to the root of the profile share (but not to subfolders).

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