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IP Phone API

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Hey everyone,


I am trying to get information on how I can go about creating an app that will pull ITL status from a phone, clear it out, and perform a factory reset.  From what I have read there are XMLs available, however they appear quite old and not sure if they are applicable.  I am also having difficulty understanding whether or not I need to load these files onto the phones themselves or if there are more relevant APIs capable of handling on-the-fly execution.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  We have an array of models (9971, 9951, various 8800 series and 7900 series).

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Chris Deren
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The XML pages on Cisco phones are for read only, you can read specific information via following APIs:  

'http://' + ip + '/NetworkConfigurationX'
'http://' + ip + '/PortInformationX?1'
'http://' + ip + '/DeviceInformationX'
'http://' + ip + '/DeviceLogX?1'

 Though the /DeviceLogX?1 which displays messages including ITL messages does not work on older gen phones i.e. 79XXs.  

If you need to reset ITL certs the API cannot be used as again it's read only, you would need to simulate button pushes (via CTI control for example) or your may be able to do it via SSH commands on phones supporting SSH access.

Thank you for the clarification Chris.  So when developing the app would I be able to leverage CTI (JTAPI) directly from my app to the phones or would I need to involve CUCM in some capacity?

Admittedly I am not expert on JTAPI development, but my understanding is that CUCM needs to be involved in CTI based application for the authentication piece, basically to login to the phone hence the need to create application user and associate devices with the user. This is how other apps that perform such tasks do it, i.e. Uplinx remote phone control, which by the way has feature to document ITL status and ability to delete ITL certs.