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IP Telephony Design between Main and DR

mohamed sebaey
Level 1
Level 1

Dear ALL


I need help please , i have Cisco IP telephony cluster which contains " 2X CUCM "Publisher and Subscriber" ,2 unity connection , 2 Presence and 2 Contact center express and one voice gateway". My issue that the ISP can only extend PSTN lines to the DR , which means the VG should be install on the DR . My questions


1- what is the best design which guarantee HA and consume lowest bandwidth between Main and DR for signalling and RTP?.


2-I need also to know if the subscriber is responsible for TFTP and all my phones registered to subscriber , so i have to put subscriber on main DC on the same location of my end users for internal calls and internal signalling or i have to put it on the DR behind the voice gateway for the signalling between subscriber and VG for outgoing and incoming calls?.


Notes : All end users will be on the MAIN DC building.No.of users around 250 users .



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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Mohamed,

The region setting between IP phones and gateway should be g729 if you are looking to preserve WAN bandwidth.

Since you have all the users at Main site there is no need to have a server moved to DR site.

You may check the Centralized Services section of the following link for more details



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