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Is it possible to ignore call forward settings for particular calls?


I have a line with extension 1001. CFA, CFB and CFNA for this line are set.

I need to accomplish following task: When extension 1002 dials 1001, all forwarding settings must be ignored and call must not leave ext. 1001, when any other extension calls 1001, forwarding settings must be considered.

Currently this behaviour is achieved using Hunt List with single member (Line 1001) and special CSS for line 1002, but this way is too complex and almost not scalable. I need to find more elegant solution, for example, to mark somehow the call, so forwarding settings are not considered.


Thanks in advance,




Cisco Employee

Hi Denis,Unfortunately there

Hi Denis,

Unfortunately there is no such configuration possible on CUCM. What you tried through Hunt List option is the only way to achieve it but definitely is not scalable.



Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Denis, Just wanted to add

Hi Denis,


Just wanted to add this note to the good info from Manish (+5 Manish!)


This setting would work if 1001 were CFA to 1002;


Cisco Unified Communications Manager provides a service parameter (CFA Destination Override) that allows the administrator to override Call Forward All (CFA) when the target of the CFA calls the initiator of the CFA, so the CFA target can reach the initiator for important calls. In other words, when the user to whom calls are being forwarded (the target) calls the user whose calls are being forwarded (the initiator), the phone of the initiator rings instead of call forwarding back to the target. The override works whether the CFA target phone number is internal or external.

When the CFA Destination Override service parameter is set to False (the default value), no override occurs. Ensure the service parameter is set to True for CFA override to work. See Service Parameters Configuration in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide for information about configuring service parameters.

Note CFA override only takes place if the CFA destination matches the calling party and the CFA Destination Override service parameter is set to True. If the service parameter is set to True and the calling party does not match the CFA destination, CFA override does not take place, and the CFA remains in effect.







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