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Issue with FXS port vg224 Gateway !


Hello Folks,

We are running the call manager 8.5 and we have some vg224 gateways.. where we have an issue with FXS port....

Is there a command by which i can identify whether the issue is there is the call manger or with the FXS port on vg224 port...

Your answer much appriciated.. !!!




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paolo bevilacqua
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What is the "issue" ?

I want to know is there any command available in cisco vg224 gateways to ensure that the voiceport is working fine.


show voice port summary

Hello Naveen,

Thank you for your prompt...

Let me know is there anything like we can generate traffice from gateway to the physical analog phone and get reply from there so we can confirm the bath is good from vg224 to analog phone.

For example: How we confirm by loopback ping ( to test the NIC card working or not.

can you tell me..???

what is the issue with ur VG224 gateway..!!!

We were told to check the vg 224 voice port since it was not working, so we just want to confirm is the problem there in Call manager configuration or with the voice port of the gateway.


Not working is just a generic statement. You have to describe exactly what happens. Eg, no dial-tone, cannot dial, cannot receive. Also need to include configuration.

Girish Pai

Navigate to Call Manager.

Go to the Respective VG224 Gateway port . Check for the Registration on the device. What is the Status? Registered? Unknown?

Did you try soft Reset/Restart the Device?

Remeber the port number on which the device was configured. Check screenshot.

If still this doesn't work. Note down the Voice-port number , example : 2/2

Login to VG224.

on the global config mode , type

voice-port 2/2


no shut

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