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Last run of CAR Loader is unsuccessful


Platform - CUCM 7.1.3

After logging into Serviceability and clicking on CDR Analysis and Reporting I get the popup page that shows the number of records in the CAR database and I also see this error message: "Last run of CAR Loader is unsuccessful, please check the CAR Scheduler Logs for  more information."

I'm not sure where to find the CAR scheduler logs to debug this error. Can someone be of assistance?

One other thing that I have noticed when running Route and Line Group Utilization the previous version of CCM I was running (4.2.3), I could run a trunk utilization report for an entire week based on hour of day and the report would show me the busy hour for each day of the week. Now when I run that same report in 7.1, it averages the daily busy hour. To get the actual busy hour for each day, I now have to run a separate report for each day of the week which takes a lot more time. The only thing that is different configuration wise is that in the new version I am doing 24/7 loading of CDRs instead of once every 24 hours as in my previous version. Could this cause the change in reporting? Thanks!


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Sorry - just seen the date time stamp of the last post. Late again :-(

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