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Logged out hunt group

Hi Team,


We are having a hunt group include the Pilot number - Facing issue while it's logged out automatically from the phone.


All the time - we are enabling the hunt in phone page. 

kindly help us how to avoid this automatically logged out the hunt group from the phone. Also, need to know why this caused?

Any suggest workaround pls ...





Maren Mahoney

Take a look at the line group(s). There is a checkbox there regarding automatic logout from hunting for a line group member that doesn't answer. For one of the early v9.x versions, the behavior of automatically logging out members who don't answer is the default *and* this checkbox does not appear. But that was fixed in all current versions.

What version of CUCM are you running?

Also, it is possible to deploy an HLog softkey on phones that allows users to log in to and out of hunting via their phone. On many phone models, this HLog function can also be mapped to a line button. If you have questions on how to do this, let us know.


Hi Maren,

Thank you for your reply!

CUCM Current version:

Yes. HLog is an option that needs to enable in Softkey buttom templete. But my question why is going automatically log out the hunt group.

Just now, i tested to Line group disabled the Automatically Logout Hunt Member on No Answer - they saying hunt pilot number didn't route to next number getting busy signal.

Changing the setting for automatic logout on no answer should have no effect on routing the call to the next line group member. What setting do you have on the Line Group for "No Answer" behavior? It should be "Route to next member, if none route to next group". Do you have something different set there?


Algorithm: Broad Cast.

Hunt Options:

Stop hunting

Then that explains the behavior. That line group is being sent the hunted call as a broadcast (meaning everyone in the group is rung at the same time) and if no one answers, then hunting stops. Play with that setting and I think you'll figure out the behavior you want.

If you have not configured Final Forwarding Behavior, calls that exhaust hunting will be disconnected so please be sure you do that if you have not yet done so.


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