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logging to determine dial-peer usage

Is there any logging or monitoring that can be done to determine dial-peer usage?

For example, I would like to determine if dial-peers are getting hit so a config could be cleaned up that has remnants of past implementations.

But, I want to be 100% sure that a particular dial-peer is not getting hit  before deleting it.      

It also would be nice to log the number of times a dial-peer gets hit over the course of a month.

Is this possible without real time debugs going on?      


Any luck with this...

Does "show call history voice ?" get you anything beneficial?

It definitely won't show all calls for a certain time period but it will show a certain number of calls specified up to a certain point.

You will have to enable some MIB probably to get the complete stats you want if I am guessing.

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Show dial-peer voice gives you all these informations.

Thanks Paolo, that is what I was looking for:

Successful Calls = 18297, Failed Calls = 150, Incomplete Calls = 0

Successful Calls = 0, Failed Calls = 0, Incomplete Calls = 0

Successful Calls = 0, Failed Calls = 0, Incomplete Calls = 0

I should be able to safely delete the dial-peers that have no counts correct?

Just make sure that whatever you do, things keep working.

Thank you for the nice rating and good luck!

Thanks Paolo,

Is there any instance that a dial-peer could be used, but not incrementing counters?

If not, I will remove them one at a time and leave for a week or so, if any problems, I will simply add it back.

I think the best approach would be to understand what your DPs really do, and if they are needed according to the logic of your dial-plan.

I understand what the dial-peers do.

The dial-plan was not designed with very much logic I am afraid. That is what this exercise is all about, it needs to be cleaned up.

There are a lot of config remnants that are not being used, I am being overly cautious with my questions.

I have done debugs and determined the inbound and outbound dial-peers for most everything and I know there are a lot of unused dial-peers.

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