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Login-LogOut of Hunt Group



We want to setup our 7940 phones so that a user has to press a button to login to a particular Hunt Group.

I beilive this is possible but we want to know if its possible for a extension, say 2116 to be always logged into a Hunt group of say 1234 all the time but only be logged into another Hunt Group say 8888 if they press a Hunt group logon Button on there phone?    


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Chris Deren
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No, you cannot selectively logout of specific groups, you would logout of all line groups, in fact if I recall correctly the Gen1 phone 79X0 may not be compatible with logout feature, but I may be very well misteken here.



Thanks for the very quick response.

Anyone know if there is a guide on how to setup the Hunt Group login / logout feature?

There is nothing to setup, by default phones are always signed up and all you need to do to sign out is press the HLog softkey button, so make sure phones' softkey templates includes this softkey.

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I see this forum was posted back in 2013.. 

Does this still hold true? 

I find it hard to believe Cisco would be so primative as to only allow simplistic functions like this? 

We went from a basic Avaya system where you could do 6 hunt groups to one phone with separate buttons to log out of all of them and now we only have one hunt group button its majorly limiting to our day to day operations... 

AFAIK yes this would still hold true.

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