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Login problems

I just took over maintaning a large VOIP system, which uses a Cisco MCS 7800 at it's core, running Cisco Unified Communications Operating System 7.1

The problem I have is the system didn't have anyone looking after it before my arrival. I have a user account which allows me access to add phones, routes, etc. The problem I'm having is I don't have an Administrator account for higher level processes like system backup and CLI access.

I've reset the Administrator Password using the 'pwrecovery' on the MCS 7800's interface, but I still can't log onto the CLI or the web based applications with the admin account and newly created password.

Turning off the system or resetting is not an option, since the system is being used 24-7 and I do not have a backup of the current configurations if anything was to go wrong.


The pwrecovery account should allow you to login to the console. Once in the console, you can use the following commands to reset the default application username and password. The OS and the application are seperate accounts; one is a GNU/Linux account and the other is just a row within the Informix database.

Command Line Interface Reference Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Solutions Release 8.0(2)

utils reset_application_ui_administrator_name

utils reset_application_ui_administrator_password


The pwrecovery account automatically takes me threw a password reset procedure, and logs out when done. I've reset the password a few times now, but never had been given the option to enter commands. Each time I reset the admin password, I've attempted to log on using the provided Administrator name given to me during the reset procedure without success.

Is there a way to break from the password reset procedure to get into the console?

(The links you provided gives me a 404 error, I may not have access to see those pages)


the links required some level of access.

i think it's the same as the following:

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