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MOH for 3rd party SIP does not work in CME version 8.6


    I need your help on MOH for 3rd party SIP with cisco 2801 running CME version 8.6

Cisco 2801 as CME with 01 IP Phone 7941(SCCP), 9971(SIP) and Panasonic KX-HDV430 (3rd Party SIP)

MOH works well for 9971 (SIP) when press HOLD button:

    -SCCP Phone 7941: MoH works well

    -SIP Phone KX-HDV430: MoH work well

For Panasonic KX-HDV430 when press HOLD Button

   -SCCP Phone 7941: MoH does not work, cant hear any music

   -SIP Phone 9971: MoH does not work, cant hear any music.

Attached file are debug ccsip message when press hold button in cisco KX-HDV430.




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Sreekanth Narayanan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
This is happening because the CME thinks that the INVITE coming from the Panasonic phone is just a mid-call request to change the direction of the media to one-direction. It does not understand that this is a Hold action from the phone.
Please check the logs for the Cisco phones and you will notice that there will be some content in the mid-call request that indicates this is a Hold.


   I dont think so. Enclosed are the sip message when cisco IP Phone 9971 press HOLD button. It is the same (INVITE Message) as when KX-HDV430 pressing the HOLD button.




Interesting. This could mean that the CME is just treating the re-INVITE from the panasonic phone differently. Could you please send the debug ccsip all for the above action for both the 9971 and the Panasonic phone? Please make sure that you have these commands configured:
logging buffered 10000000
no logging console
no logging rate
no logging queue
service debug datetime msec
service sequence

Also, debug ccsip all is an intensive debug so please ensure there are no other calls present on the router at that time.


     Attached files are

       debug ccsip message when

         -Press Hold button in panasonic ip phone and un-hold

         -Press Hold button in 9971 phone and un-hold.


Pls let me know if you need to debug ccsip message from the beginning of the call.




Dear Narayanan,

     Pls refer to attached two files with full debug ccsip message from beginning of the call for both cisco 9971 and Panasonic KX-HDV430.




We can see the header in the INVITE message from 9971 for the Hold.

Call-Info: <urn:x-cisco-remotecc:hold>


This is not present in the case of the Panasonic phone. This could be why the CME doesn't think of it as a Hold operation.