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Move extensions from VG224 to ISR 4331

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I have about 12 VG224 that need to be switched out with new 4331 devices.  What is the easiest way to transfer all of the lines programmed in the CUCM (11.5) from the 224 to the 4331?  We are using MGCP.

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so you mean you are replacing the 12 VG224 with 12 4331 routers using SM-X cards. 


SM-X Double-Wide High Density support MGCP Protocol



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SM-X-24FXS/4FXO is what we are using.

you can configure it as MGCP.

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So you are trying to migrate the old VG224 to ISR 4331 gateway. I assume you have sufficient OR equal amount of FXS / FXO interfaces.


You can achieve in 2 ways either using SIP or MGCP. Enable SIP between CUCM and ISR 4331 or setup MGCP between CUCM and ISR 4331 FXS port.


Only difference would be, using SIP between CUCM and ISR 4331, ISR 4331 will decide how to route call whereas if you use MGCP CUCM will instruct ISR 4331 to route the call from specific FXS interface.


If you plan for SIP, you need to create SIP trunk between ISR 4331 gateways and CUCM cluster. if you plan for MGCP, you need to configure MGCP on CUCM and ISR 4331 voice gateway. MGCP will bind to each of the FXS interfaces. Important, when implementing MGCP, the hostname of ISR 4331 must be same on CUCM MGCP trunk name. then only it will register. Untill the MGCP trunk is not registered with CUCM, the calls will fail.


In FXS interface, below is the configuration you need to perform on each FXS port. Additional supplementary configuration you need to follow guide here 

voice-port 1/0/0
cptone CA
dial-peer voice 20 pots
destination pattern 33020
port 1/0/0


Genuinely I haven't worked on FXS / FXO port. But usually that is how the basic configuration is like.

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We are using MGCP

Maybe i am missing something that is not describing my issue well.  I have the old 224 (24 lines) devices programmed in CUCM with the extensions on them.  I have disconnected them from the network because we are using the same IP for the new 4331.  I have programmed the 4331 (24 lines) by basically copying the config from the 224 and uploading it to the new device.  The new 4331 is on the network and I have added it to the CUCM using MGCP just as the 224.  The 4331 is registered to the CUCM and I have programmed a test line to a port on the 4331 and can make and receive calls.  How can I move the lines that were programmed on the old 224 device to the new 4331?


@krstubblefield You already have the configuration ready. Just need to replicate from old Vg224 to CUCM.


prepare the excel sheet and list the old VG224 port extensions configured and next row define new ISR 4431 port range.


you have one port configured in CUCM. Go into that port FXS 1/0/0 configured in CUCM. Replicate the same config in other FXS ports in CUCM.


Always take help of google and search for FXS port configuration using MGCP. You must get something that can help you with.

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