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Moving Publisher to a different Location/Subnet

Sumit Bhargava

Hi All,

Like to get a clarity on Publisher migration to a different location part of diff subnet.:

Scenario-I: The CUCM Cluster at Location X includes only the PUB to which 200 users are registered and incase of PUB going down, SRST is there. The PUB is on a UCS C200 M3S server at Location: X . There is a new location/Site which has come up with almost 2000 users, as such, need to move PUB to Location- Y. This location-Y will be part of a diff subnet. Both Location-X and Y part of same enterprise  and with in the same country.


           Ques1.    Please correct if any of the Step involved (moving PUB to Location-Y) is incorrect or needs to be updated: 

      1. Take DRS backup of PUB

      2. take it out of Network

      3. Install CUCM 9.1 on a UCS C220M3S Server at location Y with same Hostname, Passwords.......

      4. Restore the Backup


             Ques2.  Another challenge is when you restore the backup at location-Y, will there not be an issue since the DRS backup was taken in a different subnet, i.e; at location-X with a diff. IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, . How to overcome this challenge?

Ques3. If Location-X has 200 users and Location-Y has 2000 users, then ideally the PUB should be based at location-Y.

            This holds true since the no. of users are more at location-Y .Also, for database sync, will not lead to explosion in bandwidth which might be the case if PUB factored at location X.  Is there any other reson besides this. Please confirm if this understanding is correct, else please share your inputs.

Thanks in Advance


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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Sumit,

Any DRS Restore that is performed will require that the CUCM node has the same IP/Hostname/Cluster Security Password as set during the time that the DRS Backup was taken.  The following is noted in the Disaster Recovery Administration Guide. When you perform a DRS restore to migrate data to a new server, you must assign the new server the identical IP address and host name that the old server used.

The old Publisher should be online and communicating with the Subscribers when IP addr change is performed, edit should take place here to ensure all Subs are updated with the new IP address of Publisher.

After this is performed, shut down old Pub and additionally update System -> Server on the new Publisher, then proceed to change the IP address via CLI command to the new value.

Link to the IP/Hostname Change procedure documentation that outlines the tasks required for this activity:

Regarding your third question i would say that it is a good step to move it to location Y if the Pub is not being used for any other functions like TFTP / IPVMSA / CTI.



Ayodeji Okanlawon
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


The amount of users in a location does not necessitate a need to move your publisher. Is your WAN connectivy good, does your RTT fall within the defined/recommended range in the SRND?

However if you still want to migrate the location of your publisher, then go with Manish suggestion of chaning the IP address before you take a DRS...Once thats done ensure your database replication is good, then take your DRS.

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Hey guys, follw up on this.  I have a similar situation.  I'm moving our publisher to a new location/data center.  However, we were just going to use our vcenter to move it to the new location and just move the whole vm instead of doing DR restore.


My question, if I change the IP address at the old location (follow cisco IP change procedure).  Will the IP change be sync'd to the subs before it actually changes the IP?  This way, I can shut down the publisher VM, move it, then when its turned back on in the new data center will be able to communicate on the new subnet?


I want to be clear on this, as I'm worred once the IP is changed - it will no longer be communicating as its on a network with IP in subnet that isn't at that location.

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