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MRGL is not working on Phone level but working on device pool level

Hello Friends,

I am facing strange behavior and want to understand root cause of this.

interasite call should be G.711 and intersite should be G.729.. configured appropriate region and applied on respected trunk and every thing is working perfectly.

CUCM: 9.1.1

1 ) HQ Site

have software conference bridge

and hardware transcoder in HQ router register to HQ CUCM.

2) BR1 Site

the problem is that when I am applying MRGL with hardware transcoder and software conference in HQ device pool then conference between HQ & BR is working perfectly when invoked by HQ Site.. and it is not working when I applied it on the HQ  phone level MRGL..

Got confused. pls help me to understand it..

Thanks & Regards
Anil Singh

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Dennis Mink

Typically the phone level MRGL has presedence over the device pool assigned mRGL.  are both MRGL;s the same?

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Yes , that's why I am also surprised..

software conference bridge is working perfectly on Phone level also.. but transcoder is not invoked by phone level MRGL..

when I am using the same MRGL with transcoder , it is working perfectly at device pool level..

Not sure what is the issue..

when I removed the transcoder from the MRG group.. then the  resource will be available to ALL devices, in what is know as "the default resource pool"

then , Phone Software conference (MRGL) is able to invoked transcoder and everthing is working perfectly.

But My requirement is to have limited no of the resources can invoked the transcoder..

thus trying to move it into different MRGL group (Xcodec) and trying to call it from phone MRGL(software conference resources) and then it is not working..

Pls help

Finally I manage to resolve the issue as per requirement.

In order to achieve this..

Software conference bridge/Media Resource must have the same device pool as of Transcoder then only , software conference (S/W MRGL) can invoked trascoder which is sitting on different Media resource group list at phone level.

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