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need help programming uCME with Viking C1000 door controller


just replaced Magix with call manager express. connected C1000 controller to unused FXO trunk. mapped the trunk as overlay with other incoming lines on phones. when door box button is pressed, call comes in and i can talk to a person. pressing ** (it activates door strike relay) to my surprise hangs up the call instead of triggering the relay. Tried pressing other digits but CME hags up on them as well.

voice-port 1/1/3

input gain 3

timing hookflash-out 50

connection plar opx 3007

description door box

caller-id enable

also tried creating a dial peer and it dials, but hangs up on ** as well. Changing 0 to all doesn't get me into the C1000.

dial-peer voice 43 pots

destination-pattern 555

port 1/1/3

forward-digits 0

for time being using RC2A relay on FXS port but it wastes a button on the phone and adds extra time. ideally would be nice to have a button on a phone just for front door that we can answer and initiate calls to the door as well.

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paolo bevilacqua
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Almost surely is the device that disconnects (for whatever reason) not CME. You can check "debug vpm signal" with "term mon".

Did some tests and realized that this issue has nothing to do with uCME. pressing ** while on the phone on any other FXO port doesn't hang up the phone. Most likely C1000 doesn't supply enough talk battery voltage.

Well that is what I was saying above and the indicated debugs would confirm.

It works almost perfectly. 

C1000B with two W-3000-EWP at the doors. C1000B connected to the FXO on 3845 working as uCME.

C-1000B triggers correct input on N1000-IV door controller to pulse door relay.

bad things:

C1000B does not have CID so we can't tell which doorbox is ringing. 

if somebody does not hang up the phone after talking to doorbox, there is no time limit and fxo gets tied up. use of lit button phones (61, 45, 65, 75 ) and dedicating one button to monitor FXO DN allows answering the doorbox, and when it's lit for a long time i know just to reset C1000b or find a phone left off-hook.

Once in a while C1000B will just freeze up, maybe once in few weeks. 

if i was doing this over, i would probably look for vandal protected SIP doorboxes.

I have this configuration in the fxo port and dial peer.

voice-port 0/1/3
 cptone MX
 timeouts interdigit 4
 timeouts call-disconnect 3
 timeouts wait-release 2
 timing hookflash-out 50
 connection plar opx 75
 description puerto del intercom
 station-id name PUERTA
 station-id number 36
 caller-id enable


Dial-peer voice 11 pots
 destination-pattern 36
 port 0/1/3


need a FXS port?

Can you share me your port settings?



voice-port 1/1/3
input gain 4
connection plar 307
description door box

dial-peer voice 43 pots
description to dial into door box. #1** unlocks FDR
destination-pattern 555
port 1/1/3
forward-digits 0

ephone-dn  137
 number 307
 label door box
 description door box
 name door box
 trunk A7

ephone  15

button 2f137





How you solved your problem? 

I have the same problem 

1 w-1000-ewp 
1 RC-2A 
1 FXO Port 

occupy PORT FXO 

have communication with the intercom but does not open the door

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