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No MoH on basic queueing in CUCM 10

Good morning!  I am running into an issue in Call Manager 10.  I have basic queueing set up on two hunt groups.  Everything works fine except that when a call is in the queue, the caller hears ring back rather than MoH. I have the MoH audio source set up and it's working everywhere but the queue.  I'm not really sure where to start checking into this beyond the basic queue settings that all look correct.

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Can you post screen shots of the MOH source configuration? Did you configure the source "Announcement Settings for Held and Hunt Pilot Call" section?

Here is the requested screencap

Interesting, I am assuming there are members part of this group?

I found this what seems to be good blog on this feature listing some limitations, etc. might be good idea to review:

Alternatively perhaps you are running into some bug, though I was unable to find something related in bug tool.


Thank you for your reply again.  There are members in the group.  I did look over the blog post and it proved to be very useful in telling me if our overall scheme was going to work (it won't).  

Previously I was just calling the hunt pilot without the members being busy so the call never got queued (this seems like a silly way for a queue to work, sometimes people aren't at the desk and a caller should still be able to queue up and hold) so that is why i was getting only ring back.  I tested with the hunt members being busy and the call then queues but I just get dead air on the call.

However, this may be a moot point since I doubt my client is going to want to have callers only queue if the members are all busy so we may be rethinking call flow.  I will update the thread when I have more info about how we will proceed.

The members can control when they are available to take calls by having a Hunt Group Logout button configured, they are then able to toggle this on/off essentially logging in/out of hunt group.

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