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Personal and Corporate Directories randomly missing CUCM 10.5

Sarah Pongres
Level 1
Level 1

Hello experts -

Within the past few days I have had several users submit issues that their personal and corporate directories are missing from their phones.  It was there previously, then just missing one day.

Resetting the phone brings back the directories.

Has anyone experienced something like this?  What can be done to prevent it?


Thank you

Sarah P

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Sarah,

Which phone models are involved? Check if the users who reported the issue belong to a certain floor / site / device pool / phone model etc to isolate the issue. An upgrade of phone firmware to the latest one can take care of any existing bugs, however for RCA purpose you will need to capture at least the phone console logs to begin with when the issue is reported.



The phones are all 7960G and the firmware is P0030801SR02

Is there a more recent firmware version that I should be using?


Hi Sarah Pongres,

 the firmware 8.1(2)SR2 - P0030801SR02, 21/Jul/2011, is the latest firmware.

 In CUCM Administration > System > Enterprise Parameters > URL Directories ... are you using the following format: http://<CUCM IP Addr>:8080/ccmcip/xmldirectory.jsp? If the answer is no, then try to use it and make a test.


Hope this helps.

I have verified that the phones have the latest firmware and the URL directory format is as indicated above.

The 7960G phones do not have the phone console log option when you click on the IP address, like it does for the 7961 and 7962 phones that we have.  How do you get phone console logs for a 7960G phone?


Hi Sarah,

 if you are unable to access the 7960G info, when click on its IP Addr, then check the Device > Phone > select the Phone > Web Access option, it should be Enable.


Hope this helps.


Hello I have the same problem with 7940 ip phones. We have the same firmware.

How do you solved the problem?



I would suggest trying to "telnet <Phone IP> 80" from your laptop to see if the connection gets established. That would mean the phone's web access is enabled.
Another thing you can try is to download the SEP<mac address>.cnf.xml file for this phone from the CUCM by doing "tftp -i <CUCM IP> get SEP<mac address>.cnf.xml".
There will be a field <webAccess> which should be set to enabled.

Level 1
Level 1

i have similar problem with 8811 and 7941 phones any solution on this pld

It is possible that the phone does not have the correct trust list (ITL). Try clearing the ITL on the phone, and see if that resolves the problem.

Thank you for your replay. Yes when I clear the ITL the phones got the directory back. But I have phone that the problem comes back. I think by the time I clear the ITL first time, the phone got the correct ITL why it lost the directory again. The problem is also random across the network.  

Do you have multiple CUCM clusters? Are you using centralized proxy TFTP? In any case, there is a problem with the phones being able to reach your TFTP servers to get this information if you ITL's are getting out of date again after a reset. Also, are you sure that your CallManager certificates are current on all servers in the cluster?