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Phones going out of service

Phil Bradley

Hello. I have an issue where phones randomly appear to go out of service. I had to restart one of my gateways due to some maintenace yesterday and this is when the issue started. Basically I power cycled the gateway which is talking MGCP to my single call manager business edition. Then I started receiving calls hours later that my IPCC agents were randomly going into the not ready state. When I look at the logs in UCCX historical reports it gives a reason code of 32759 which is phone out of service. I also notice in the call manager logs phones will randomly register themselves which would obviously make the agents not ready. I had this issue once before and it was the same scenario that I had to restart my MGCP gateway. This gateway is also the DHCP server for all of my IP phones and I resolved it last time by restarting call manager. Any ideas??

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Phil Bradley

I just come up with an idea to maybe why this is happening. If the gateway that I am restarting is also my DHCP server for the phones, could the issue be that the phones leases are expiring and when they try to obtain a new lease the gateway is giving them a new ip address? I assume since I restarted the router/gateway all of the arp and ip addresses are cleared and the phones could receive a different ip? Also, if they do receive a different ip address would this force a restart of the phone to register back with call manager and creating the issue of the IPPA agents going not ready?

What version of UCCX are you running.

The behaviour you are talking about (after confirming the UCCX version) is a known bug. If the agents disconnects from UCCX without closing IPPA clients, then they will be in not ready state after reconnecting back.

But the question is why your agents keeps unregistering from CUCM.

- Are the agents, phones, and CUCM/UCCX on the same LAN.

- Do you have redudant CUCM cluster as this might be DB replication issue

- What are the traces showing in CUCM when the phones unregister.

- Try to make DHCP leasing as infinite to avoid DHCP problems.

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