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Prefix 9 for missed/recieved calls for custom requirement on CUCM 10.5


We have this call flow


PSTN -->AVAYA-->SIP trunk ---->Cisco gateway --->SIP trunk----> CUCM 10.5 ---->phone


We have phones in AVAYA with five digit and also in Cisco with 5 digits. We get 5 digits calls, local and long distance calls from AVAYA.

 I add +1 on Device pool--> Incoming Calling Party Setting and replacing that with 91 on translation pattern  for outgoing calls. But this getting applied for all calls

How can we prefix 91 to only local and long distance calls??


Any help is much appreciated.




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Vivek Batra

That you can do at various levels within the CUCM. For instance, you can use Calling Party Transformation CSS on SIP Trunk (in CUCM). 

Calling Party Transformation CSS will allow you to identify the call (local/international) on the basis of CLI received and modify the CLI as per your requirement.

Let me know if it doesn't work for you or if you have other question as well.


 Thanks for your reply.

So, if I updated the CSS on trunk or device pool and have in Incoming Calling Party Settings in device pool

National with 9

International with 9011

How it is going to differentiate 5 digit call and local/long distance calls??

Unlike ISDN and H.323, SIP trunk doesn't allow to identify the type of call (national, international etc) using signaling. Only way is to check number pattern/length received in INVITE message to check the type of call.
Can you let us know ANI pattern CUCM will receive for national and international calls and how exactly you want to manipulate viz prefix etc, we will try to design Calling Party Transformation Patterns accordingly.


 We are not worried about the international call for now as we are not allowing them to have access to international calls. But we want this to work for only local and long distance calls

From AVAYA to cisco gateway we get any local/long distance number as 10 digit and we send that to Call manager..


For local  and long distance calls, we want to prefix 91

and we don't want to prefix anything for internal calls(i.e, AVAYA to Cisco)

What I wanted to know the number pattern (CLI) you get for local and long distance calls so that we can configure the calling party pattern in CUCM accordingly.
I doubt if CUCM will get both local and long distance call in same digits viz 10 digit, but if it's still the case, you can configure the following in Calling Party Transformation Mask (configure the CSS/pattern accordingly);
Calling Pattern: XXXXXXXXXX
Prefix: 91
Doing so, CUCM will add prefix 91 in CLI to all calls received on SIP trunk but only with length of 10 digits.
We can more specific with matching calling pattern if required and we known the CLI receiving in INVITE message on SIP trunk. 


 I did a test call with local and long distance and I see 10 digits for both calls.

Now after adding calling party transformation pattern it prefixes 91 for 10 digit calls.

But is there way to change the alerting number back to 10 digits but when they search for missed/received call and dial from there and it prefixes 91??


Yes, you can do the same. 

Once CUCM has been added 91 as prefix for 10 digits call, you can again use the calling party transformation settings to remove the prefix 91 and phone will see the 10 digit CLI however call log will still show 91 as prefix. This setting is available on Device page (remote party transformation CSS).

You can configure following pattern;


Strip pre-dot



 Thanks a lot for helping me.


Can you please let me know where I can make changes to remove the prefix 91 ??

You are welcome...

On Device/Phone configuration page, you will get remote number transformation CSS (or similar name as I'm not in front of system so not sure about exact parameter name).

You can again create new calling party transformation pattern as I told in the last comment (similar to what you did for SIP trunk) and also configure CSS/partition accordingly. Don't forget to uncheck device pool CSS parameter as you are applying CSS directly to phone.

Please let me know if you still have doubt while configuring the same.



That worked!!!


Thanks a lot for your help Vivek

Glad to see you got it solved. Please mark the thread answered if you don't have other question.


 I got phones/CIPC working but it is not working for Jabber clients. Is there a specific configuration for Jabber??



I had same issue with Jabber some time back, please check the following discussion;

I tried with dial rules where it prefixes 91 to 10 digit numbers.

But when the user is dialing missed/received calls..  calll will go through but I see only 10 digit but not 12.


We have desk phones working fine. Where the call comes as  10 digits but when they dial missed/received calls, we see digits.


Do you think this is a feature request or a bug??


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