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Pressing 0 Busy Signal & Dumping Call

Level 1
Level 1

I am taking over the role as Director of Technology for our school system. The office phones in the schools are set up for when a person presses 0 it should ring and go to voicemail if no one is there. One of our schools is not doing this. It puts you on what seems like hold for a time then dumps the call out to a busy signal. Is there a setting on the phone or programing side I need to adjust? The more help the better. Thanks! 

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
A bit more detail would be helpful ? Products/devices in use etc ?

The phone that is having issues is the same phone being used at the other schools. It is a Cisco IP Phone 7960. I do have access to our call center and voicemail set ups. I've looked at the settings and they look similar to the other schools, but I may have missed a setting. Thanks

You have CUCM/CME and CUC/CUE for IP Phones and VM ?

Is the "it puts you on hold for a long time" about 15 seconds? If so, you may be running into a dialplan issue where you have more than one object that starts with a "0".


Check the translation pattern for "0" for that site. Make sure:

Urgent Priority - Checked

Partition - Is one that those dialing 0 have access to

Calling Search Space - Is one that reaches wherever the call is supposed to go


If these are still in place, you may need generate a trace file containing the call, then post it here and we can help you parse it.