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Problem Upgrading 7965G to SIP 9.4 on CME 12.0

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Hello Everyone, 

 I've got some 7965G phones that I am attempting to upgrade from SCCP 9.4 to SIP 9.4. I have removed all EPHONE and EPHONE DNs for the devices as they were previously registered as SCCP phones. I currently have some 7821 phones in the environment so Voice Register configurations are present and working for those device types. I have created the appropriate Voice Register DNs and Pools for the 7965s and used the create profile command after adding them. I have also uploaded the SIP 9.4 firmware for the 7965/45s to a directory in flash and specified that path in the tftp-server config on the CME. I have also added the load statement for those phones in Voice Register Global. 


Plugging the phone in and doing a hard reset causes the phone to get its DHCP and then look for a SIP 8.5 load that is not on the CME anywhere. The phone then displays "error" and stops there. There is no further attempt to register or pull firmware from the CME. 


At this point I though that maybe an intermediate upgrade would be required so I manually loaded SIP 8.5 onto the phone, plugged it in WITHOUT DOING A HARD RESET, and the phone once again attempted to locate the SIP 8.5 load. It did not find it but then began pulling the 9.4 load. The phone the registers and I am able to call to and from it. However, the phone ignores any label I give it in the corresponding DN. If I hard reset the phone it drops all SIP firmware and then cannot register again until I manually load the 8.5 firmware. 

Are there compatibility issues between the 7965/CMEv12/SIP firmware that I may not be aware of? It just seems like very strange behavior that I have not experienced with any of my other models. 

Thanks for any help you all may be  able to provide!

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