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Problem with playing AU message using AA TCL script on Cisco 2801 with CME

Tomasz Hinz

I’ve problem with TCL script & auto attendant service. I have Cisco 2801 ISR with CME. When I configure BACD with AA service it starts working well for the first time. Welcome message in .au file is played and DTMF allow to select internal phone number. Problem is if I will call again, I can’t hear any message although debug shows that the Welcome message is plaing. In this case also DTMF  working.

Please Help.

Thank You !

Tomasz Hinz       

********************************* Comel - Tomasz Hinz
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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame Master

Update IOS and check again.

As you can see in file I using newest IOS version available for this router

boot system flash flash:c2801-spservicesk9-mz.151-4.M6.bin

Tomasz Hinz

********************************* Comel - Tomasz Hinz

Try taking debug voice application media stat.

I made two debugs i attached txt files,

1. First, just when router started and for fist time everythink is ok.

2. Secod, when I hear only silence.

I can see differences but i'm not sure what I schould do next.           

Tomasz Hinz       

********************************* Comel - Tomasz Hinz

Dont know whether it will solve your problem or not but..

I found it weird that welcome prompt name does not start with an  _ (underscore) .

Have you consulted the below link?

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