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Question Regarding Call pickup between 2 Sites (2 CMEs)

Mr Winters
Level 1
Level 1

I have inherited a customer that is using 2 CMEs on 2 sites. Call transfer is fine, calling between sites is fine

The issue is call pickup is not working for calls originating from the other site. 


Site A (Ex400) makes a call to site B (Ex600), 600 is not present so 601 attempts to use the call pickup. When this happens there is a 503(Service Unavailable) in the logs and no Pickup.

Ex601 has been confirmed to be able to pickup Ex600 if the call being pick up is local to SiteB. Example a DDI call.

I have read that call Park is not supported between CMEs, so the question, is call Pickup supported between sites? 


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Your scenario has nothing to with "pickup between sites", just because the call is coming from a different site or even somewhere else. It doesn't matter, where the call is coming from.
As long as the "ringing" extension and the "picker" extension are on the same CME.

The pickup is still happening in one site only: 600 (site B) rings, and 601 (site B) wants to pick up the call.

Mr Winters
Level 1
Level 1

Thank you B

The issue I am having is that 601 can pickup 600s calls; this was confirmed in the original post. The only time Pickup does not work is if the origination is from the second CME hence the idea it might be a pickup across site issue. 

I will look in to it more, thank you for your reply

First, so I am clear: You have two separate CME instances that host phones at two sites (each site has it's own CME instance and they are interworked)? Or is this a single CME instance at one site that is hosting phones at two sites?

(FWIW: If you have two independent but integrated CME instances, features such as Call Pickup are not supported across the two systems per the CUCME SRND.)

Does Call Pickup work internally at each site? So the 600/601 pair at one site - is there a pair at the other site and does that work?


Hello Maren

Yes that is the case, I have two CME instances that are interworked

Call pickup within 1 CME works (example 600 has an inbound DDI call, Extension 601 can pick this up)

The issue is that when the call comes from the other CME that Pickup does not work.

Example Site 1 ext:200 calls Site 2 Ext:600 and 601 wants to pick up that call, that's when I see a 503 in the logs. 


Well, that should work. Huh. Can you post the full debug ccsip messages for the call?