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Real time monitoring Tool Email alert

Customer needs Email - alert message when the voice gateway is down or PRI line is down.

Please light me how to configure Exchange server detail, as attached We fill the exchange detail page but there is no email alert.

Note -

Under performance, cisco MGCP PRI Device, call active we made to trigger value under "0", when we disconnect the PRI line we are not able to get any alert message, we give the IP address of exchange and two email ID. Please let me know what we are missing on this config.

Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

There's a document attached to this thread for how to do this,

Customer needs to monitor CPU also, we have tried multiple alert message, but still no alert message sent via email, looks some config missing in Exchange side.

What are the basic exchange configuration needed for alert message to send from real time monitoring tool and in exchange side also.

There is no config required for exchange side. All RTMT is doing is sending an email to the exchange recipient. If you are not getting alert then ensure your cucm server has connectivity to the email server. Ensure you have the right recipient and that your alert are properly configured. Did you read the documentaton in the attached link above?

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