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I am having an issue getting a 7975 to register with CME 8.8... It worked fine when the phone was directly plugged into a switch module on the router, but now that I have the phone on my desk, and the 2911 is in the DC, the phone is in a registration...

                   I have moved to another site with my IP Phone 7945G.  The new site does not have the backend infrastructure for IP telephony.  Yet, the IP Phone still works and functioning well and having the same phone number.  However, the misse...

The customer wants to configure/attach multiple Music On Hold sources to CCM 7.1 with VG 224.  The Music On Hold source for discussion purposes is made by Interalia and is a 16 port XMU+ (all 16 configured for MoH).  The customer wants to continue to...

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