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RTMT Error DBLException

Level 3
Level 3

I am getting the following RTMT error for about 2 hours now. Mine is CUCM 11.x cluster with majority of Cisco 7841 SIP phones. Some are 796X models and some 896X model. Searched in the forum but could not find anything. Can someone help me understand what is causing this and what i need to do to stop those errors? I am getting 2 of those errors every mintue.


14:54:37.305 UTC :  %UC_CALLMANAGER-1-DBLException: %[ErrorCode=-239][ExceptionString=Error fetching data from datasource: [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Could not insert new row - duplicate value in a UN][AppID=Cisco CallManager]

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



This error is an Informix error which can usually come when a device is trying to connect to call manager however, to be find out what is actually causing these alerts you need to collect the below logs for the relevant time stamp:


++ Event-viewer application

++ Event-viewer system

++ Call manager


Also, please make sure that call manager replication is fine by running the below commands in CUCM PUB CLI:


utils dbreplication status

utils dbreplication runtimestate


I would advise you to open a TAC case with the above mentioned logs.


Please rate the post if, helpful.



Akansha Sharma




You manage to resolve this issue ?

What was the root cause of this issue ?




Yes I was able to isolate the issue. It was caused by a bad phone and I had to trash that phone to resolve it. 

Level 1
Level 1

This happens sometimes. I usually look to Alternate Syslog (you can see it directly in rtmt without exporting) for messages like "An endpoint attempted to register but did not complete registration", there would be a MAC of failed device and its model. Then I create this device manually in cucm and errors stop.

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