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simultaneous register of Sip and Sccp

Is it possible to register simultaneously sccp and sip on Cisco phones?
Ratheesh Kumar

Hi there


Just curious what you are trying to achieve with this. SCCP is a Cisco proprietary protocol while SIP not. You might know that when the phone tries to register with CUCM/PBX it basically downloads all the configuration files along with the SIP or SCCP firmware. That stores in the flash of the phone. Then the phone registers and perform accordingly to the firmware/configuration files it possesses.



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Maren Mahoney

To add to what Rath said, the short answer is "no".

Agreed, unless the question actually is:  Can both SIP and SCCP phones be registered at the same time?


In which case the answer is "yes."  But I think we need clarification, like, registered to what?

Oh! Good point. Both CUCM and CME can have SCCP and SIP phones running at the same time. A single phone can run only one of the two protocols at a time.

Oh Yes…That’s right..
Both SCCP and SIP end points can be simultaneously registered to CUCM/PBX. But Cant run both protocols in the same device at same time 😊

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Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Can you please elaborate further? 

A phone can only run either SIP or SCCP firmware.

The call manager, however, can support (the rgistration of) phones with SIP and SCCP at the same time.  


I have two independent call centers one with sip protocol and another SCCP
I need to register on each internal phone, one with the Cisco Call Center and the other with SIP

When you say call center, do you mean something like "Cisco Contact Center Express" (UCCX) or do you mean something like "Cisco Unity Connection" (CUC). The wording of your answer makes me ask this and I want to make sure we give you the best possible answer.

In the meantime, one thing to understand is that your phones will not register to either of those application or to any call center or voicemail application. Phones register to Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). That is the system that will signal with the phone to send and receive calls.

The second thing to understand is that CUCM is the system that will be integrated with UCCX or CUC. CUCM is responsible for signaling to UCCX or to CUC to pass calls and information when phones need to interact with those systems.

This means that whether a phone runs SIP or SCCP is irrelevant for the purposes of passing a call through either UCCX or CUC. And the integration between CUCM and CUC, for instance, can be either SCCP or SIP and any phone running either protocol can still interact with CUC.


Hopefully this helps you ask you next set of questions. We are here to help.



Dennis Mink

YEs, but it depends

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