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Daniel Miller

SIP conference phone maximum lines stuck at two. Soundpoint IP 7000 with CUCM 7.1

SIP conference phone maximum lines stuck at two. Soundpoint IP 7000 with CUCM (Cisco unified call manager) 7.1

I did some searching but no luck. Sorry in advance if the solution should be overly obvious.

The problem is that I can't add more then two people to a conference call on the fly. I imagine there is some easy change that needs to happen to allow more callers to be added to the phone's on the fly conferencing. In CUCM if I go to the associated line under "Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings on Device" it says "Note:The range to select the Max Number of calls is: 1-2" If I try and change this value I get error: "Update failed. Sum of device\'s line appearance values for maxNumCalls exceed  device limitation".

How can I fix this?

I tried increasing the related value on the Polycom devices website but no luck. I also reviewed the setup pages in CUCM for "Device configuration", "Button template", "phone profile", and "SIP profile" but did not find where I can set the "maxNumCalls"

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

If you're registering this as a 3rd party SIP this is WAD.

Review this:

Migrating from Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 5.0 to  Release 7.1(2)

In Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 5.1(1) and above,  certain characteristics for Basic and Advanced Third-Party phones that  are running SIP changed. These characteristics include changes to the  Maximum Number of Calls per Device, Default Maximum number of calls per  DN, and Default Busy Trigger per DN fields that display on the Directory  Number Configuration window in Cisco Unified Communications Manager  Administration. See Table B-3 and Table B-4 for more information.



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if this helps, please rate
Jason Burns


The number of people you can invite to an Ad-Hoc conference is controlled not by any parameter of the phone, but by a CUCM service parameter.

Service Parameters > Call Manager > Maximum Ad-Hoc Conference Participants

I believe the default is 4.

What type of conference bridge are you using in this scenario? IOS HW CFB, or CUCM SW CFB?

If the service parameter checks out then the next thing to check is the number of available resources on the conference bridge you're invoking. The conference bridge invoked can be controlled by changing the MRGL and MRG configuration of the phone hitting the "Conference" softkey.

Hi Jason;

I have the same problem. I have a CUCM 7, I use the POLYCOM 7000 as THIRD PARTY ADVANCED SIP, the maximum ad-hoc to conference is 16 , as well as other conference itens. A point is that MRG set in this device, to use conference bridge software and hardware together, but is not a problem for other devices in this environment that use SCCP.

What do you think?



Hi Jason,

i have some similar issues with my integration of the Ploycom IP 7000 with CUCM 7.0, i cant make external calls  to PSTN from the polycom IP 7000 station. i can make external calls to PSTN with my Cisco IP Phones, but not on the

i did a sip debug on my voice gateway but i discovered that the calls are not even getting to the Voice gateway.

Do you have a way around this.



Hi Kunle;

My problem was resolved with firmware upgrade in SOUNDPOINT IP 7000 POLYCON. I haven´t version used because this proceeding was done by my customer, but it did that conferences ok now. My suggestion is : upgrade in ip 7000 to the most recent version.



Hi Fabio,

Thanks for the response. please can you give me a step by step guide to how you did the upgrade. can you make external PSTN calls from your Polycom soundstation IP 7000.

Because that is exactly where my issues lie. i need to be able to make calls to external PSTN numbers from the polycom soundstation.

expecting your response.




I don´t remember, but as I had said was not me who did this procedure. But below, it exist two links with procedures for configuration and upgrade

Configuration thirdy-party sip:   note: this link is to cucm version 6, but is compatible with 7.

Upgrade firmware: NOTE: POLYCOM´S link

I hope that helps.


Hi Kunle,

I understand you have problem in making external calls from Polycom soundstation IP 7000 which is integrate with CUCM 7.1.

I do have same problem with Polycom.

Could you guide me to steps fix this problem ?

Appreciated your help & awaiting your response.

Thanks & Regards


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