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SIP trunk from UCM 6.1 to Broadvoice??


I have a BYOD account with Broadvoice set up and I was wondering if anyone has been successful in setting up a SIP trunk with Broadvoice? Technically, it's not supported by Broadvoice but.... I talked to a couple of techs over there that said it should work as long as I set up the trunk correctly. I took an inital stab at it with my UCM. I'm connected directly to a cable modem. The trunk won't come up. I would assume Broadvoice would have to make some configs to get this working. Before I waste anymore time I was hoping someone out there has tried this before and if they had any success. Thanks!

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Frequent Contributor

If you are trying to set up a SIP trunk from your CallManager to Broadvoice, you may run into an issue with Broadvoice not allowing you're router (acting as IOS SIP gateway) to maintain a Registered status. This is due to having the IP Phones on your network all sending SIP Register requests to Broadvoice. So try to input the "no-reg primary" on each ephone and ephone-dn in your config.


If you are trying to setup CUCM 6.1 with Broadvoice it may not work since CUCM only supports static SIP trunks. It will not register as a client to Broadvoice switch. Most likely Broadvoice BYOD needs the client to authenticate using username/password.

You can make it work if Broadvoice sets up a Trunk pointing to a static IP address that translates to your CUCM server.

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