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SMTP configuration in CUE


hi people

i have CUE 8.6 ism-sre-300 installed in router, customer want to get voice mails on emails ,i am having issue in configuring SMTP from GUI of CUE

,following error :

Test Result: Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 25

kindly help me to resolve the issue and also let me know if other configuration required other than smtp.

also tell me is DNS setting required?

thnaks in advance

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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame Master

Check IP connectivity.


To add to Paolo's comments, you should check if there is a firewall in between which is blocking port 25.

Thanks for your reply..

i can ping exchange server from CUE also server admin has created relay for this IP. but still facing the same error.

To check connectivity from CUE, try using telnet from cme router to port 25 sourced from the cue interface

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thnakyou armijo i have telnet it and its not respondinge on port 25.kindly tell me how to open port on exchange servr 2010

i highly appreciate your concern.

connection to port 25 is successfull...but still the same error...smpt host not responding..

i have tried some tests like...

now  my router is sending mail to exchange server(i did it manually) and sending, receiving is also ok form router.but CUE is enable to communicate with exchange server 2010....still the same error...SMTP HOST NOT AVAILABLE

kindly help me out on this problem

thanks in advance

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