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UCS C240 M4S2 B7K Build Slow response

I have two new factory installed B7k servers that appear to be running very slow.They have been preinstalled with the Cisco OEM 5.5 update 2 Esxi which appears to be the latest available. I have updated all bios and firmware using the latest HUU(2.0.6d). The initial install of both CUCM and CUC 10.5 took 3 hours each to install. Even an upgrade patch run after took 3 hours to complete. The installs and upgrades were run one at a time. Has anyone else has similar issues or could suggest anything particular to look at? I know these servers are a relatively new spec and wondered if there are any known issues with them?

Cisco Employee

The installs and upgrades do

The installs and upgrades do take an upwards of a couple of hours. Are you also experiencing slowness with any other CUCM features or applications like:

Navigating Web pages , Web logins

Extension mobility logins

Dial tone

Audio cut through


If yes then these can be looked at through specific logs. You can check the output of the following commands to get some idea about the system performance though:

show status

utils diagnose test

utils core active list



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Hi ManeshThanks for your

Hi Manesh

Thanks for your reply. This is a new installation with a couple of test phones only at the moment so no there is no noticable dial tone dealy or slowness of web pages. I was a little concerned that 3 hours per application per server is a bit excessive for an install of CUCM,CUC,IM&P and UCCX all being done at seperate times?



Cisco Employee

Hi Neil,I have seen

Hi Neil,

I have seen installations take this much time under normal circumstances so it should not be a concern.




This is the reason and why I was concerned.

Rising star

Just adding to what Manish

Just adding to what Manish has already said.

It is pretty normal to experience upto 4 hours for any UC Installs (CUCM, Unity Connection, UCCX etc), more over if you are upgrading UCXN (Unity Connection) the database conversion at times alone at times can take around 1 hour or more.

Make sure you have a UPS Power Supply and both the power sources are connected and hot, just in case if you experience any power disruption, the installation still goes smoothly.


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