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Unexpected ESTABLISHED event when completing consult-transfer to agent queue

Call Scenario:

Phone A is agent phone for ACD calls. Agent is logged in and READY.

Phone B and C are unmonitored devices.

Phone B calls phone C who answers call.

Phone C starts a consult-transfer to an agent skill.

The call is queued and delivered to phone A which rings.

Before phone A answers the call, phone C completes the transfer.

We receive an ESTABLISHED event that shows the correct calling and called extensions, but the AnsweringDeviceId is not populated. The call is not actually established.

Is this a documented flow of events for this call scenario? I did not expect to receive an ESTABLISHED event at all because phone A is still ringing after completing the transfer. This event seems to be saying: The call is now between phone A and phone B, but no one actually answered the call.


Any clarification would be appreciated.

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