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Hi All,I have a problem with a hospital emergency service, in case of cardiorespiratory attack, my costumer wants to call a number this automatic conference with another 6 mobiles numbers.Is there any solution I can use with CUCM and/or UCCX? Any ide...

Dear Team, Need someone help or assistance to fix the below. We have cisco 8851 and 8841 phones with the version sip88xx.11-7-1-17. During the call after 10 to 15 min phone keep restarting, I am facing the issue only the two series phones and other 7...

I have two pairs of expresswayC-E in two separate sites forming a cluster. Cisco requires the round trip delay between expressway-E has to be less than 80ms. If the round trip delay exceeds 80ms in certain period, will it retry to form cluster again ...

Hi Team, We have configured Cisco CME 11.6 with CUE 10.0 and calls between them are not going through. I have put the "debug dialpeer" and found that when pressing voicemail button , its accessing the dial-peer but in debug ccsip messages" , I am not...

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Phone reboots, screen goes blank when trying to make call. A reboot to the phone seemed to resolve it for the time being concerned by this debug log message though. Does anyone know the cause and resolution for the following ReasonForOutOfServiceText...