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Unity HA - ports

Hi guys,  I have two questions regarding cisco unity in HA mode.

let's say you have a 16 ports license for the unity when you have no HA.

The day you have the HA license and you add your subscriber..  will you configure 8 ports on Pub and 8 on sub.  Or you will be good to configure 16 on pub and 16 on sub. ( 32 )

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Level 3

You'll need to get the HA additional ports to match your pub. I believe these are $0 licenses, so just reach out to your partner for the port licenses.

e.g. L-UNCN8-ADD-HA-PT    is for the Unity Connection 8.x HA ports

OK I understand,

one last question.. Do we need to

-configure the HA ports from the subscriber it self  or

-we still have to configure the ports from the publisher but configure it to add the port for the unity sub.

The HA license is licensed against the subscriber, the port groups can be built on either server GUI as you reference for which servers the ports are.



ok that's weird.

We used to have a Setup with Unity with 40 ports,  we bought the HA and we are trying to add the 40 ports on the subscriber..

So we have 40 ports for pub and we try to add 40 for sub.

The system show a total and a maximum of 64. the system cannot add anymore ports due to a hardware limitation, we have a C220M3S

any idea?

When you say Unity I will assume this is Unity Connection, port are free with UCNX. With that said the number of supported ports per server is driven by the hardware or VMware OVA it is installed on as listed in this doc:

Since it looks like you are running it on vmware then you need to run it on an OVA that supports your desired port capacity: