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VIP Collaborator

Re: Updating description of phones using BAT

Okay.... One last thought and I think it's time to call TAC:

Are you trying to change the description(s) to one that has a comma in it? Like in the ones that *do* have quotation marks around the description field in the export? I'm wondering if - since the error is that it doesn't like the description - if that is the culprit.

Try this: Do your import (of your phone only) and edit the description in the text so that it does *not* have quotation marks and also does *not* have a comma in the description.

Use only Notepad++ for your edits so that the E164 numbers you have don't get funky.

If that doesn't work, I'm all out of ideas.


Re: Updating description of phones using BAT

@Maren Mahoney  Thanks for all your help.  I edited the file and removed all commas in the description and just made it as plain as possible with no extra characters but it still failed out.

I'll get a TAC case opened for this.


Again - thanks a million for all your help!

VIP Collaborator

Re: Updating description of phones using BAT

You're welcome. I'm sorry we didn't fix the problem. If TAC finds a solution, please do let us know. (I'd sure like to know!)


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