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Integrating CUCA User with CUCM

I apologize for the simple question, but my google skills weren't pulling through for me.   A user's mailbox is not working (never worked). When I look at the user in CUCA the user is not integrated with the CUCM. How do I integrate it like all my ot...

break by Beginner
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Shared lines Hold issue

Hi I have a strange situation related to shared lines , There is a line shared among three IP phones , number 1000When call comes to the line , any user can answer the call and if he puts it hold some other user can pick it up by pressing the Hold bu...

Thilina by Beginner
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WIreless voice vlan question

Hi, We have: vlan A for wired voice vlan B for standalone AP mgmt vlan C for controller AP 1 mgmt zone vlan D for voice from controller AP1 zone vlan E for controller AP 2 mgmt zone vlan F for voice from controller AP2 zone     Which is the best way ...

D_Lebedev by Participant
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