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xmedius configuration

For any and all folks considering using XMEDIUS (recommended), here are some technical considersations. This post is intended to help anyone avoid some issues we ran into:

1. IOS ver on gateways should be set to, at least, 12.4(15). We've adopted 12.4(22)T.

2. For h323 gateways, if possible, set the dial-peer to route fax calls directly to the XMEDIUS server (ipv4:XMEDIUS_IP), rather than using Route Patterns in CCM/UCM

3. For MGCP gateways, be sure to following the instructions on the XMEDIUS knowedlge base.

4. For MGCP gateways, the 'Overlap Receiving Flag for PRI' in system parameters should be set to FALSE (default is TRUE). We received intermittent re-order tone on various faxes ('Message Type not Implemented' during debug isdn q931)

5. Integrate with AD. It rocks. Being able to grant access and deliver email to boxes based on AD stuff (rather than fax server configs) is fantastic.

6. You have to use server NAME (not IP) when configuring the 'Active Directory' integration (this one took awhile to figure out)

7. Build an SNMP tool to monitor your channels. Buy what you need, not what you think you need.

Hope those help someone!


Great post sir,

Hopefully this is not a stupid question:

If Xmedius is integrated with AD and sending FAXes branch to branch, how is the fax transmitted?

It is sent as data, or is transmitted as voice?


faxes with xmedius are always sent using the t38 protocol. this is an industry standard that is data.

this is not an insignificant method; using t38 is THE way to do faxing, as it implements a standard base that all vendors can use, which minimizes poor transmission, invalid/unsupported tones, etc, etc.

the short answer is it should be data, using the t38 faxing protocol.


are you using the blade server?

no blade servers here; just VMWARE on IBM regular server hardware.


we have Call manager 6.1.3, xmedius 6.5.5, H.323 voice gateway, VG224 and ATA.

After two days of troubleshooting and trying to connect Xmedius and Call manager, we finally connected Xmedius to H.323 voice gateway and incoming faxes passed.

But still we had problem with VG224 (which is connected to CUCM through MGCP) when sending faxes internal (using short numbers). When sending from VG224 through PSTN (using full number) everything works fine. Yesterday after working hours we tried with one port as H.323 and connected to XMedius and it seems to work.

But with this kind of solution VG224 has to be preconfigured, and still didn't solve ATA. Although, I'm not sure that ATA would be solved at all, because they don't support T.38. Or we can configure it as H.323? Or solution here is to use full number and goes through PSTN?

Did anyone have similar experience? And why cann't Call manager communicate with Xmedius when Call manager has H.323 voice gateway? Because I've tested with MGCP gateway and everything works fine.

Also, other question is, would there be problems with outgoing calls? Still didn't test that, cause we haven't made Exchange integration. Is there something different in that integration (with Xmedius) when using H.323 voice gateway instead of MGCP? As I see, it should be any problems, but I also though it won't be any problem to have H.323 gateway instead of MGCP and at the end it didn't show like that.

Any idea would be appreciated



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