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Block / Disable IPv6 link-local

Hello, I am trying to run Ipv6 via our network but the cisco 3750 vlan has a local link and is showing up as a gateway on the a connected client on that vlan. can i stop the link-local fe80 ipv6 ip's from being enabled on the vlan and showing up as a...

CobbyJ by Beginner
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tools.cisco.com via IPv6 down for me, for you?

Hi All   My devices can't access tools.cisco.com to update their SMART (or rather no so...) license status via IPv6. As this is the preferred protocol for most devices today, they only try it via IPv6. Here some data: $ ping 2001:420:1101:5::A PING 2...

patoberli by VIP Advisor
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IPv6 Zone-Based Firewall

I have devised the following ZBPF on my 1941 router. Problem is IPv6 doesn't work. I cannot get any IPv6 connectivity. IPv6 works fine with the ZBPF disabled, i.e. not applied to any interfaces. Anyone have any ideas as to why it doesn't work. ! clas...

IPv6 Disable Router Advertisement / Static Routing

Hello. We have setup a IPv6 IP on a vLan which we use as a gateway for our pfsense but the issue is that the ipv6 on the vlan is advertising IP's which we want to disable. I have tried a few different things but with no luck. Can anyone give any advi...

CobbyJ by Beginner
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ISR 1100 IPv6 Host can't reach Internet

Hello, maybe someone can help me with my problem. I'm currently trying to setup just a simple connection to the internet via an ISR 1100 LTE router but I'm also kind of new to the Cisco and IPv6 world. Following problem: My Host (Windows 10) is getti...

ci_j0 by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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How to configure IPV6 /53 subnet on packet tracer?

Hi all, I have tried configuring a Ipv6 subnet address 2001:0dce:0000:0000::1/53 into the router interface.It works but when the I tried setting the auto-configuration button on the PC connected to this interface, it does not work. However, if I put ...

c00kie123 by Beginner
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Resolved! Blocked IPV6 traffic

Hi,I have a dual stack IPV4/IPV6 router/firewall (C892FSP-K9).I configured IPV6. The thing is that IPV6 is not working as expected.The router is behind a French box (Free) giving Internet access. The symptom:No incoming traffic is going through the r...

adelium904 by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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I can't ping ipv6 from the internet, only locally

Sorry for the translation, I'm Spanish.I have a problem. I have configured IPv6 and everything works fine only locally. If I ping from outside, I can't get access. Can you think of what can happen?I put my configuration in case it helps you to guide ...

corianito by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! OSFPV3 summarisation

Hi, I'm actually using CML for studdie for my CCNP recertification. I had created an OSPFv3 environment using IOSv 11 routers with 5 areas.  In the area 4 I have 1 one router other than the ABR on which I created some prefixe to summarise. On the ABR...

area4 range.jpg

public ip over private lease line

I have a private cross-connection with a service providerThis private connection is connected from my firewall to their router and the L3 IP range /30 for this segment is privateHowever, i just realized that when they provided us their application IP...

DS-Lite / Dual Stack lite CPE config

Hello,I need to configure a Cisco IOS router (891 or 1100) as CPE on a FTTH connection. This line is a IPv6 DualStack-lite (DS-Lite) connection where I get a IPv6 on the WAN interface over PPP.Now I need some kind of tunnel config for the B4 (Basic B...

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