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Resolved! dual stack rip

hello guys, is there anything wrong with my configuration ? it seems like i can't ping my ipv4 pc to ipv6 pc and vice versahere i attach my cisco packet trace file

The error message I keep receiving is as follows: %DHCPV6CLIENT-E-ILLGLOPTNLEN: Illegal option length: option is 24, length is 0 in message type 7I have unplugged everything from the network except for my pc and modem. The switch is on the latest fir...

Travis L by Beginner
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Im receiving these errors every few minutes for a week until the switch locks up and i have to reboot. %DHCPV6CLIENT-E-ILLGLOPTNLEN: Illegal option length: option is 24, length is 0, aggregated (4)

I read the posts that exist, however am getting very frutrated as I cannot find a solution.I can ping the google DNS server using IPV6 from the RV320. My internal computers can ping the RV320 IP address. Mw WAN IPV6 address has a /64, so the left add...

Tom416 by Beginner
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We're in the process of replacing a long list of Nexus C3064PQ chassis with C93180YC-FX3s. Many of those 3064s are paired together and have a crosslink configured for IPv4 and IPv6 for iBGP peering. For some reason, we cannot get IPv6 working (not ev...

7tsommer by Beginner
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***Configuration on Bridge Domain  for NAT64 on IR8340 ************* interface BDI1ip address address 3001:11:0:1::1/64ipv6 enableencapsulation dot1Q 11nat64 enableend nat64 prefix stateful 3001::/96nat64 v4v6 static

Hello,I am pretty new to this. So i was configuring this network(attachment below) and made an DHCP so that my SBC and PC1 could receive ipv6 addresses automatically. My PC1 gets an ipv6 address from range but my SBC won't whatever I do. So I came he...

I'm disappointed in the extremely poor quality of this video. The idea is good - but it is /barely/ legible. I thought to turn my students on to the other resources on Cisco.com, but this is not the example to use.

jgonder by Beginner
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Hello, I'm creating this topic because I'm currently on an ipv6 routing lab with several routing techniques including dynamic in ospf and rip and static.The goal of this lab is to interconnect several networks and I am currently training for the ccna...

jpmeunier by Beginner
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Resolved! ipv6

 Configuration :!ipv6 unicast-routingipv6 dhcp pool IT_User_IPV6address prefix 2001:BF2:640:1AB::/64 lifetime infinite infinitelink-address 2001:BF2:640:1AB/64dns-server 2001:4860:4860::8888domain-name seddeeq.com!interface GigabitEthernet0/2.276desc...

Siddique by Beginner
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Hi all, I'm currently trying to get DHCPv6 to work. We need to assign static IPv6 Adresses to our clients for firewall rules.Currently I have a LAB Setup with two routers directly connected to each other via gig2. Interface config on Router1 (dhcp se...

erben by Beginner
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When I try to connect to my VPN from home I keep getting a “The VPN connection to the selected secure gateway requires a routable IPv4 physical adapter address please move to an IPV4 network and retry the connection or select a different secure gatew...

Point 1: I can able to ping www.google.com from my router. But I can not ping www.google.com ping from host 1 and host 2.Even i can not ping www.google.com from my router if source int gi0/1/0.10. What i need to do further for internet accessing from...

IPV6 Topology.png
Siddique by Beginner
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