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How to ping in ipv6(SLAAC)?




My main objective is to ping from PCA to PCB , I can ping to both routers R1,R2 from both PCs but cant ping PCA to PCB vice versa. I am using link local address as a ping ip address which i am getting request timed out do you guys have any idea what i am doing wrong?


Martin L
VIP Advocate

you can attach your PT file here but it must be in a zip format;

However, FE80:: range link local addresses are not routeable; they stay locally on routers; meaning routers do not forward those onto other side/interface/link. Mostly link local address is used as a default gateway and for some IPv6 overhead protocols and features like NDP.


Regards, ML
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Hi@Martin L,

As you suggested i have uploaded PT file and let me know which address i should use for pinging I simply need help in pinging from PCA to PCB only.

Thank you

i do not see attached PT file anywhere here.

Seb Rupik
VIP Advisor

Hi there,

What @Martin L says is correct. However if you are using SLAAC and it is correctly configured then you should be receiving a routable IPv6 prefix from which to build an IPv6 interface address. Providing both routers are advertising these SLAAC prefixes between themselves, the hosts will be able to route between each other.





As well as What Martin said you also need to remember just like IPv4

pc A needs to know where the address of PC b is.


you could use static routes in R1 to point to IPv6 network off R2

and a return static route on R2 pointing to IPv6 network off R1.


on router A

ipv6 route X:X:X:X::X/64 s0/0/1       // X:X:X:X pcb LAN


on Router B

ipv6 route X:X:X:X::X/64 s0/0/0       //X:X:X:X pca LAN

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Set up a basic OSPFv3 on each router to do the routing for you.