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If anyone is still doing anything with this product...


Does documentation exist for the API for the 11.5 release of CER? Most of the commands in the existing documentation work in 10.5 but fail in 11.5 so something must have been changed with the URLs in the GET requests. I'm working on a project at work where we had planned on using the API to pull information into our MACR database.

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mike curtis

Cisco has not done a good job of keeping documentation updated but there have been changes. URLs may need to be formatted as follows. in my example i am looking for unlocatedphones

  http://CER /cerappservices/export/unlocatedphones/info/{username}/{password}

  1. The password{password} must be encrypted in SHA256. It was implemented since CER
  2. The username/password-sha-256 must be passed in the URL as my example below ( teste is the username, followed by the password in SHA256)

http://CER /cerappservices/export/unlocatedphones/info/teste/5E884898DA28047151D0E56F8DC6292773603D0D6AABBDD62A11EF721D1542D8

you code may also need Header Accept:application/xml

Yeah, basically CER 10.5 required no authentication and CER 11/12 does.  I've created a tool to pull all information from available CER APIs and it works on both 10 and 11+ just fine.  Here is Python snippet of my tools creating authentication for version 11+:

ip_add = input("Please enter CER Server IP address: ")
cer_version = input("Please enter major CER version, i.e. 10, 11, 12: ")
if cer_version != "10":
username = input("Please enter CER username: ")
password = input("Please enter CER user password: ")
# decrypt password to sha256
sha_password = hashlib.sha256(password.encode()).hexdigest()
# create authentication URL
resp = requests.get('http://' + ip_add + '/cerappservices/export/authenticate/status/' + username + "/" + sha_password,auth=(username, sha_password))


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