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We upgraded CUCM from 9.2 to 11.5. We have developed custom applications using JTAPI and AXL webservice to observe phones when down or unregistered. It worked fine with 9.2, After the upgrade it wont work. It doesnt notify when phones are down. (Down...

shik9 by Level 1
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Hi There,I am new to the python and AXL schema, any help with the schema is appreciated.I am using Python 3.7 with suds-jurko 0.6 and testing on CUCM11.0What I try to achieve is create a user device profile with a number.Here is my code.Everything un...

yixiu0317 by Level 1
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Hello, I'm trying to download the AXLAPI.wsdl file directly from the cucm server via this link (https://x.x.x.x:8443/axl/wsdl/AXLAPI.wsdl).In my Soap Client I get an error 404 Page not found.When I open the link via the browser, I get an authenticati...

We have handheld devices throughout hospital using Jabber as VoIP client. Jabber time to time gets disconnected or goes into some unstable state and calls get a busy signal.  I was directed to use AXL WS to try finding if a Jabber client (particular ...

shogo0001 by Level 1
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Hi,I try to add several SIP Trunks via AXL but this "addSipTrunk" is not working.Does anybody know why this is not working?my $res =   $cm->addSipTrunk(            SOAP::Data->attr({xmlns => ''})->name('name'=> $name),            SOAP::Data->attr({xm...

To make life easier on everyone I have created a sample piece of code that you can run sql against the Callmanager database.I am putting this hear so I can find it again in the future:)It's not perfect, but tweak as you need it. clear$scriptPath = ...