Network Access Control

Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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Hi all,I contact you regarding a basic question regarding SGT use case.We have a network composed of:- Core switch (Cisco) in our Cisco Fabric, that manage access to all other switches and servers- Access switches (Cisco) in our Cisco Fabric too for ...

UNVC by Beginner
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Hello there, I am using ISE API to get or post requests to it and I know that ISE's default response body is in XML format, I just wonder if I can just change that to JSON, (I know that I can set Accept header to application/json to accomplish that b...

Hello everyone! I am trying to set a system up, and for some reason my ports just keep turning off. I believed it was simply a port security issue. But then I had my router, switch, server- all reboot themselves at once. I can console into my router,...

Menji by Beginner
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Version: Patch 6 and 7 The client can register once on the ISE via EAP-TLS with a certificate - after that problems arise.If you restart the notebook, it works again once.At patch 6Approx. 250 users affected:The ISE log shows that an EKU th...

Amen by Beginner
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Hi All,we have encountered with the implementation of dot1.x on our remote access VPN users. Since the implementation, we have noticed that our remote access users are unable to log in using their Active Directory username. Instead, we are required t...

henockk by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I am using ISE 2.7 patch 3 with EAP-TLS for my 802.1x authentication. Authentication was successful however, I noticed in the RADIUS Live Logs that the username field has a dollar sign ($) at the end. Is that normal or is it a cosmetic bug?Th...