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Hi,Customer has the following ACS deployment:HOCSACS-1121-K9CSACS-1121-K9L-CSACS-5-LRG-LIC=DRCisco Secure ACS v4.2since they have the Large ACS license and its quite an investment, can we migrate it to ISE licenses? is their an active migration progr...

malhashi by Cisco Employee
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Hello team,ISE2.4 installation guide shows onlly TCP 7800 is used for Policy Service Node Group communicationbut user guides shows 7802 is also required.Installation guide

masyamad by Cisco Employee
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HelloI am looking for some best practice advice.  My aim is to minimise the amount of logging done on a node (for the purposes of TAC debugging etc.) whilst allowing me to still see what I need to see via Reports, Live Log, Live Sessions etc in the G...

Arne Bier by VIP Advisor
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Hi,Want to confirm whether login to ISE CLI via AD User works?. I am getting access denied error message when i login to ISE CLI via AD User.Admin user able to login to ISE CLILogin to ISE GUI works for External Authentication (AD user).

palv by Cisco Employee
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Dears, I am really new to trust sec and we have a ISE in a corporate, how I can take benefit of trust sec if I am having ASA-SM as a core datacenter firewall and ASA-5525X on a perimeter firewall and 2960XR switches on the access layer with IP base l...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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Team,I have a customer running in Closed Mode with order Dot1x --> MAB and Priority Dot1x --> MAB with host-mode “multi-auth” where Avaya phones are authenticating with MAB. The PCs connect in-line through the phone and are running Dot1x with Microso...

fterlingo by Cisco Employee
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HIJust a query, currently we are using 6 PSN for wireless only, 3 sites, 2 ISE and WLC in HA for each site.  We have mobility anchors with several organisations, issue is they are limited to how many of our ISE they can connect to as wlc can only sup...

Is there anyone on forum using Cisco TS Agent to send user ID, IP and Ports mapping to ISE/ISE-PIC, then FMC can learn it via Pxgrid? I tried but doesnt work at all. TS Agent configured with port 9094, but never be able to connect ISE.Did I configure...

Dear All   We have a customer that is running in a issue with retrieving Groups from AD with Internet Explorer 11 with ISE - Patch 2. Even disabling TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 while enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 is not working.

Hi team,still in ISE 2.4 compatibility matrix it is said that in case of ECC certificate Apple iOS does not natively support ECC for EAP-TLS authentication. Anyone knows if this can be achieved using alternative methods, e.g. via a supplicant or 3rd ...

ppoggi by Cisco Employee
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hello team,I'd like to know what should be a status of EST service for P-PAN, S-PAN, PSN and MNT if "Certificate Authority" is enabled for the deployment on the P-PAN.  So far I haven't seen any documentation that talks about it. My understanding is,...